At Art Beat, we believe that everything you own is a reflection of who you are. If you’re a Harry Potter fan with an eye on the time, we’ll make you a clock with the Marauder’s Map on it. If you just can’t get enough of The Beatles, we’ll put ‘em on your coaster. Tell us what you love and we’ll customize it for you.

A 4*6 ft sized world map made using thread and nails! Over 300 nails were used to put this piece together. The thread can be used to hang pictures, magnets, boarding passes, or anything of your choice 🙂

Screenshot 2019-04-30 11.32.42
Screenshot 2019-04-30 11.33.14
A canvas cut out (Made using canvas & a Blade) of Raymond Reddington (Character from Blacklist, the TV show) for a client.
Screenshot 2018-09-21 12.21.58
A picture of the above canvas cut out against the Bangalore sky 🙂
A 4*5 feet customised acrylic painting for a client. Matt finish silver was used to highlight the dress. The background had lots of different colors to give it more depth.
An acrylic painting of football player, Lionel Messi.
A canvas painting sized 4*6 Feet, for ‘The Bohemian House’ – An event space, and co-working space for artists and alike, made using acrylic paints with a sponge effect for the background. The sponge effect was made using a brush to bring out a texture. The colors in this painting are vibrant and bring out the theme of the space it was made for.
While everyone celebrated Diwali by putting Silver leaf on their sweets, I put mine on a huge canvas to make a world map! 🤗 150 sheets of Silver leaf was used to make this painting! The picture of the living room is off Pintrest though, while we wait for the real picture!! I just placed the picture of the painting to show you’ll how it looks! 😊 Absolutely love trying new stuff every time, especially when clients are kind enough to let me! Hope you’ll like it too!

Painted this huge canvas sized 5*8 ft as a floral backdrop for a kids birthday
Painted this huge canvas sized 5*8 ft as a floral backdrop for a kids birthday
Painted this design on a cross stitch canvas! Something I thought I couldn’t execute, but turned out to be so much fun 🙂 The challenge – it has to be a free hand painting, no drawings!
We took customising to another level! A customised bacon and eggs photo frame for a bacon lover – something I never thought I’ll make! 😉

Scratch off world map – Scratch off all the places you’ve been to, using a coin!