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I was commissioned to design this illustration for Devil Goes Veg. The entire illustration has about 500 elements. Each drawn out with details and everything food related! 😁 The idea was to make sure that the text is easy to read when seen from far, and the details come up only once you go closer.

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Worked on a 78ft wide graphic design strip that ran across like a band at Stencil Consulting‘s office in Bangalore. The idea was to have the U.S.A. skyline running across with a backlight to give it a night sky feel. It’s so wide that it doesn’t fit into one frame easily! 😉


Made this customised design for a kitchen sliding door. The idea was to maintain straight lines to make it look like a notebook illustration. We added pots &  pans, Spoons, and tiles to make the design look like a part of the space.