OnePlus in One day!

I was only 22 years old when I decided to take on this OnePlus wall. It’s a long story! 😊
When I was first approached by them, I couldn’t believe that such an offer came my way! They asked me what ideas I had in mind for their new Head office in Bangalore. After one meeting at the office, I sent them an entire presentation of ideas (possibly the only time that the Powerpoint skills helped me! ). It then moved to a discussion with the OnePlus India GM, which to be very honest, was scary! I was 22, and I was asked to meet someone who was the head of a company that we were all way to familiar with and looked upto. While we still couldn’t finalise on an idea of what to paint on this wall, after 3 months of discussions, I told them that I would let them know what we can do next! I really wanted this wall, and had sleepless nights trying to understand why I wasn’t getting it. Before leaving the last meeting, while I was walking towards the lift – I started searching for more ideas on my phone, went running back inside the office and said – “I have one more idea, can’t we do this?” (No, this wasn’t the idea we finally executed! ). Although, running back with just one more idea – was the best decision ever because it was at this time, I met the Marketing head, who had just stepped out of a meeting. He spoke to me for five minutes trying to figure what we can do and how we can bring in aesthetics that are similar to their China office. That’s when we finalised the wall you see! In 5 minutes, we ended an almost 3 month long meeting! He told me to start the next day, and because I was so excited,I completely forgot that I need some prep time and I said YES! I remember staying up till 4 A.M. that night just trying to figure the best possible way to execute this wall.
I painted this wall using rollers, 1 brush and masking tape. If I look like I haven’t eaten or slept for 2 days – It’s because I hadn’t ! The wall was executed in 1 day and still remains one of my most amazing experiences ever! Follow @artbeatpaintings for more stories!

An Engineer meets an Artist

I remember how long this wall took to execute, simply because I caught Dengue right after it got finalised! I was hospitalised for a while and @theengineerstore was kind enough to wait 😊 The first meeting with him, he laid out a couple of engineering equipments that I had never seen before , and said “do what you want with this!” That freedom, led to this 😊 The face is made up of calculators, circuit boards, Cassettes and a lot of other scrap material! It was about one day of on site work, and 3 to 4 days offsite. However, it was about 2 months of planning ! The idea behind this wall was simple – it was to show an engineers mind works. For starters, I had no clue about how I’m going to get this fixed onto the wall ! After a LOT of research, I came up with the MDF cutout being fixed onto the wall only because it was the lightest way to go about it! My biggest worry was how heavy the board would become cause of all the materials I fixed on. The circuit lines are handpainted, and since the wall behind was freshly painted, it was almost impossible to use masking tape for straight lines! We also had to make sure that the switch boards in the centre were not too visible and that it didnt ruin the look of the wall, which is why I painted it over it too! This was my first project, after a one month long dengue break, and I remember being extremely happy about how well it turned out!

I Feel Good Today! 

One of my all time favourite walls! 🤗 My client was looking at an installation that combined utility and art. He wanted a wall where he could fix his cycle on, and remove it to use anytime he required. The measurements of the cycle tyres, the width of the cycle, how much of an area the handle would cover, and a lot of other things had to be taken into consideration for this installation! We discussed it over for months, with various ideas (as you see in the images above), and finally went with the most simple one. After a lot of discussions, I ended up painting this wall. The best part? I painted this wall on the same day I had a break up. The wall illustrated the complete opposite of how I felt, but I had to force myself to work on it for two straight days with a smile on my face.I was that artist that always believed that your mood affects your art. Now, I believe my art can affect my mood 😊
I used hints of teal color, and shadows to make the quote stand out. This wall is the first thing you see when you get out of the lift, and we had to make sure that everyone that saw this wall felt better after seeing it. I thought twice before sharing this personal story, but I hope it makes your day and you feel good today! 😊💛

So, What is your biggest canvas (yet) ? 

Ever painted on a canvas that is sized 230 square feet? I have 🙂 

One of the biggest highlights of my journey with painting, has to be this one! @canofjuiceofficial got in touch with me for this project at Radisson, and initially they had a different painting in mind. I was so excited when this project came about, and didn’t believe someone trusted me with this much! We spoke for a bit on costings, ideas, how to execute it, everything! It was only a couple of weeks later, that the project got finalised and the excited, irrational person in me said I’ll paint this canvas at home! I didn’t realise that the canvas was so big, that it might not fit into my house (Where i work from, btw!). I usually spend hours figuring the dimensions of the project and how to execute it easily but I think I was so excited, that I missed that step! A rolled up canvas came home when I was in a meeting. My mum took it in and kept wondering how I was going to make this happen! So she did what mom’s do best – save us! She cleared out the furniture in the hall completely, moved it to other rooms, and Tadaaaa! I had the massive space you see! Now, the best part – this had to completed in 7 days. I had other projects going on simultaneously, and started this a little later than I planned. The drawing for this canvas was just a LOT of measurements, so I honestly didn’t know where to start! I spent hours just walking around the canvas and It took me a day to finish the drawing. The next day I started painting it at 11am. I wore a pair of socks cause I would’ve had to walk around the canvas! I painted till 3am the first night and had just taken breaks for lunch & dinner! The same thing went on for 3 days. I watched a couple of movies while I painted this canvas, and on the last day I had my sister come and take pictures of the work I had done! After 3 days, and 3 nights of work – the canvas got rolled up and was sent to get stretched and fixed on the wall, and that’s when the size of this project hit me! It was amazing! 🙂 Coincidentally, Radisson is also the space where I held my first workshop ever. 

Some projects cant be executed without help, and this surely was one! From the tempo guy, to Can of Juice being extremely kind and patient, to my mum and sister, and to the person from whom I got that spa massage after the project was done as well ! I took a good week’s break from work after this and realised, sometime’s I surprise myself 🙂 

Painting on the streets for the first time ever! 

Painting on the streets was different. This was my 38th wall, and was one of the most fun and tiring experiences! Zomato got in touch with me to re-brand some of their highest serving restaurants in Bangalore. I remember sending this design to their team, and they had to get it approved from someone who’s work I’ve followed for a long time now – @AksharPathak ! It was so nice to see a mail which read that the design is Good to go! I knew this was a good start to this project 🙂

The work on the wall was pretty simple, since it was mostly doodles related to the amazing food that Mumbai tiffin serves, and Zomato’s delivery services. The wall was textured, which made drawing on it close to impossible. Paints were drying up fast, and the dust from the streets meant I had to do 2 coats of the design as soon as possible, to avoid it from getting too dirty! I spent 2 days painting this wall, and two other side walls. However, I spent most of my time talking to all the passerby’s. It started with the Zomato delivery boy who told me how he felt inspired by what I do, only because I learn something new everyday and do my work happily inspite of it being so tiring. I told him, that his job wasn’t easy either. Travelling in this heat, and delivering food on time in the Bangalore traffic isn’t easy! He told me he would love to paint on the wall as well! Later, the 6 other delivery boys standing with him,waiting for their orders, insisted on making sure the Zomato logo was bigger than ever on my wall! Branding, you see. 

It moved to many friends visiting me, a group of girls who told me how they love what I’m doing and love the look of my (dirty) jeans even more. Many people told me how they were amazed that a girl was painting like this on the streets (still don’t know why!). There was even a person who insisted I write something in Kannada on my wall for various legal reasons, a person that tried to sell me broom sticks, and street kids that played around me while I painted. How can I forget, that on the day I started painting- they decided to start making the footpath too😂 2 days, and what an experience! Thank God I survived the Bangalore heat.🌞