It’s amazing what a collection of ‘miscellaneous items’ can do when assembled right. Art Beat creates 3D fixtures as large as 25 feet wide to add personality to any space. Using anything – old cassettes, thread, nails – we take the idea of “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” a little too seriously.

A 4*6 ft sized world map made using thread and nails! Over 300 nails were used to put this piece together. The thread can be used to hang pictures, magnets, boarding passes, or anything of your choice 🙂

Screenshot 2019-04-30 11.32.42
Screenshot 2019-04-30 11.33.14
Screenshot 2018-10-23 12.07.56
7 Canvas cut out Portraits sized 15*15″ each kept against a painting I made ages ago! The portraits are made using a blade! 🙂

A crossword wallpaper where the words were marked out in different colours of thread!

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20180709_170204 copy
Motivation and creativity went hand in hand with each canvas sized 6*6ft, and handpainted, with portraits of the famous entrepreneurs – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, and mounted on the entrance wall of the ShakeDeal head office.
A canvas painting sized 4*6 Feet, for ‘The Bohemian House’ – An event space, and co-working space for artists and alike, made using acrylic paints with a sponge effect for the background. The sponge effect was made using a brush to bring out a texture. The colors in this painting are vibrant and bring out the theme of the space it was made for. I also added some mirrors of different shapes, broken bangles, and jute ropes to highlight the handicrafts of India.
A 23*10 feet acrylic canvas painting, customised for a client. The painting was of a Kathakali male dancer filled with abstract patterns, and bright colors. My biggest canvas yet! 🙂 Click on the image to see more pictures of the work in progress / project details.
While everyone celebrated Diwali by putting Silver leaf on their sweets, I put mine on a huge canvas to make a world map! 🤗 150 sheets of Silver leaf was used to make this painting! The picture of the living room is off Pintrest though, while we wait for the real picture!! I just placed the picture of the painting to show you’ll how it looks! 😊 Absolutely love trying new stuff every time, especially when clients are kind enough to let me! Hope you’ll like it too!
A 4*5 ft wall installation of Bob Marley made using 1500 nails, and 120g of black thread. This was made for the Qubix Technologies store in Bangalore which retails in audio – visual systems.
A 6*6Ft cut out wall installation made using canvas. The intricacies and details of the Bike Engine were cut out from the canvas to give it more depth. The canvas wall installation was made for the Harley Davidson store in Bangalore.
A writing boards wall installation executed today at Stencil Consulting with 32 boards 🙂 The idea – to explain in a simple manner what Stencil Consulting works on – consulting students to study anywhere abroad and help them with the admission process! The writing boards directly related to education and will be used to clip on posters of their clientelle. Since its the entrance wall – this serves as branding too
Wall installation at the Engineer store, Bangalore
Wall installation at the Engineer store, Bangalore
Wall installation at the Engineer store, Bangalore
Wall Installation at the Runnr Office, in Bangalore