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Nishka Mehta has painted 71 wall murals to date, executed 10+ Installations, and customised 100+ Paintings. With an aim to add colour and branding to every space, her goal is make art a part of everyday life.

Wall Mural at Garage Food Co., Bangalore



“Everyone was skeptical first but we wanted the interiors to spell out the spirit of the company in certain ways. We brought in Nishka to bring in certain elements of our HQ in China and thus the process began. From 1 wall to 4 of them, she managed to capture the essence of never settle and paint it even more beautifully than we visualised. She is  amazingly creative and takes the people through that process of creativity, rather than just giving a presentation. Her work was loved by everyone who ever came to the office, including our CEO.”
- OnePlus, India

“I've had the opportunity to work with Nishka and Art Beat on several occasions across companies and she has now become our default go-to person for most things that require creativity and art. Nishka's ability to understand exactly what the client needs and execute on short timelines makes her an easy recommendation.”
-Runnr, India

“I’ve been wanting to have something done on my wall at office for quite some time now, and after moving into a new office where I had this “big wall” - I knew I had to get something done. Nishka’ s previous works were so amazing that I didn’t have a second choice while searching for an artist to work with. Throughout the engagement, Nishka was patient and very eager to provide the most creative solution for our wall. I was also amazed at how soon she was able to deliver the artwork given such a tight timeline. I would highly recommend her to everybody looking to make their office lively with some exquisite artwork.”
- Akshay Hegde (Founder), ShakeDeal

“The idea to hire Nishka came to my head when there was an empty wall in the store that made it look very ordinary. It was a small idea that I had and decided to get Nishka to be the designer after being a fan of her work for years. 
Nishka's work was the most pristine and quick. No hassles, no issues and no delays. Extremely hard work and on point for any design.  A small idea turned into the most eye turning design. Everyone who sees it, automatically falls in love with it. I still recommend Nishka to anyone who's looking for designs like this. And we will definitely work together again in the future. ”
- Kritish Dhariwal (Founder), The Engineer Store



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