An Engineer meets an Artist

I remember how long this wall took to execute, simply because I caught Dengue right after it got finalised! I was hospitalised for a while and @theengineerstore was kind enough to wait 😊 The first meeting with him, he laid out a couple of engineering equipments that I had never seen before , and said “do what you want with this!” That freedom, led to this 😊 The face is made up of calculators, circuit boards, Cassettes and a lot of other scrap material! It was about one day of on site work, and 3 to 4 days offsite. However, it was about 2 months of planning ! The idea behind this wall was simple – it was to show an engineers mind works. For starters, I had no clue about how I’m going to get this fixed onto the wall ! After a LOT of research, I came up with the MDF cutout being fixed onto the wall only because it was the lightest way to go about it! My biggest worry was how heavy the board would become cause of all the materials I fixed on. The circuit lines are handpainted, and since the wall behind was freshly painted, it was almost impossible to use masking tape for straight lines! We also had to make sure that the switch boards in the centre were not too visible and that it didnt ruin the look of the wall, which is why I painted it over it too! This was my first project, after a one month long dengue break, and I remember being extremely happy about how well it turned out!

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