Painting on the streets for the first time ever!

Painting on the streets was different. This was my 38th wall, and was one of the most fun and tiring experiences! Zomato got in touch with me to re-brand some of their highest serving restaurants in Bangalore. I remember sending this design to their team, and they had to get it approved from someone who’s work I’ve followed for a long time now – @AksharPathak ! It was so nice to see a mail which read that the design is Good to go! I knew this was a good start to this project 🙂

The work on the wall was pretty simple, since it was mostly doodles related to the amazing food that Mumbai tiffin serves, and Zomato’s delivery services. The wall was textured, which made drawing on it close to impossible. Paints were drying up fast, and the dust from the streets meant I had to do 2 coats of the design as soon as possible, to avoid it from getting too dirty! I spent 2 days painting this wall, and two other side walls. However, I spent most of my time talking to all the passerby’s. It started with the Zomato delivery boy who told me how he felt inspired by what I do, only because I learn something new everyday and do my work happily inspite of it being so tiring. I told him, that his job wasn’t easy either. Travelling in this heat, and delivering food on time in the Bangalore traffic isn’t easy! He told me he would love to paint on the wall as well! Later, the 6 other delivery boys standing with him,waiting for their orders, insisted on making sure the Zomato logo was bigger than ever on my wall! Branding, you see. 

It moved to many friends visiting me, a group of girls who told me how they love what I’m doing and love the look of my (dirty) jeans even more. Many people told me how they were amazed that a girl was painting like this on the streets (still don’t know why!). There was even a person who insisted I write something in Kannada on my wall for various legal reasons, a person that tried to sell me broom sticks, and street kids that played around me while I painted. How can I forget, that on the day I started painting- they decided to start making the footpath too😂 2 days, and what an experience! Thank God I survived the Bangalore heat.🌞


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