Wall Installations

It’s amazing what a collection of ‘miscellaneous items’ can do when assembled right. Art Beat creates 3D fixtures as large as 25 feet wide to add personality to any space. Using anything – old cassettes, thread, nails – we take the idea of “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” a little too seriously.

A string and nails art installation made in association with Studio Can of Juice for the Pan America office.

An installation made for Lakeview Milkbar, Bangalore with over 1700 ice cream sticks handpainted in pastel colours to form their logo.

World Map's made using Thread and Nails [ Over 300+ nails were used to make this wall installation] 

A portrait of Bob Marley made using Thread and Nails [ Over 500+ nails were used to make this wall installation] 

Nishka's largest canvas painting till date, sized 23 feet wide installed at the RadissonBlu Hotel, in Bangalore

A Wall installation at The engineer store, using old products, cassettes, CD's, engineering equipments, etc.  

A customised painting with pieces of glass, bangles, and other products.

4 canvas' cut out using a blade, for Harley Davidson's Bangalore store

A wall installation using custom made writing pads, for Stencil Consulting

3 portraits painted on canvas and installed at the Shakedeal office, Bangalore

Over 1000 nails and thread were used to make this wall installation at the Runnr office, Bangalore


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